Who Are We?


Manob kallayan Swabolombi Songstha a non-profitable, non-political and non-communal local social welfare organization was established in 1990 and registered with the social services department in 1991and NGO Affairs Bureau 1996. Since then the organization has been implementing efficiently and with successful programs to improve the living conditions of its disadvantaged beneficiaries.


The welfare-oriented development programs implemented and being implemented by MKSS include VGD Program, awareness building of the hardcore poor, landless and the Asset less and their primary health care, Out of School Children Program (2.5 Sub-Component PEDP-4) Bureau of Non-formal Education (BNFE), Monitoring Program of PLCEHED-1, Ananda School (ROSC) Program and basic literacy projects such as Sanitation, Safe Water, Cottage Industries, Integrated Fish Culture, Integrated Agriculture development project, Nursery, and Forestry sector project, CARE GO-Interfish project, Social Investment program project, Flood Emergency Response project, Relief operation project. 


MKSS works on several Districts- Gaibandha, Rangpur, Kurigram, Bogra, Jamalpur, Natore , Pabna & Dhaka City with  several Upazilas- Sadullapur, Gaibandha Sadar, Palashbari, Saghata, Phulchhari, Sundarganj, Mithapukur,Kaunia , Ulipur, Sariakandi, Dewanganj, Baraigram & Bhangura.


Mission MKSS is to attain qualitative improvement of the living conditions of the target group. the destitute deprived and hardcore poor men & women raising their consciousness, developing human resource and providing facilities and support for their self-reliance through employment, self or wage, itself working as guide & catalyst. The vision is to establish a society based on equality and justice, where none will remain hungry. deprived or oppressed, fundamental needs of the underprivileged will be met and they live as equal citizens with dignity and rights. The ultimate goal is to bring the target group in the mainstream of development Empowerment of women and gender equality being necessary preconditions are also components of the mission.


The ultimate goal of MKSS is to improve the living conditions of the people of its working area through the implementation of multi- objects development projects. To this end, the Organization will take up and execute programs, amongst others, on and for-


(i) Socio-economic development that leads to self-reliance of the disadvantaged community – women, and men. Children and youth and infuse in them/chanced their desire for development through community efforts.

(ii) Ways to reduce poverty of the hardcore poor and planned family, health, and nutrition. blindness. mother & child health care etc.

(iii) Improvement or village roads. plantation re-excavation of ponds for pisciculture.  Removal of illiteracy. Save water and sanitation etc.

(iv) Organization of landless- assetless Sanities. For training on appropriate IGAs.

(v) Disaster management. relief and rehabilitation through partnership/collative programs.

(vi) Information sharing and social research and arrange training. seminar. workshop etc.

(vii) Social and human rights issues. 



The Organization is governed in a participatory and decentralized manner. An Executive committee consists of 7 members two-yearly elected by the General council take up the responsibility of the execution of the organization. The Executive Director on behalf of the executive committee conducts overall management and is an ex- officio as the secretary of E.C. the E.C. convenes a meeting for making the necessary decision and review the progress of the organization after every 3 months and the general Council brings together at least once in a year. The E.C. is responsible to the General Council for its activists. There is a core management team consisting of not more than 29 members and headed by the Executive Director. This team is responsible to implement the policies as well as Organizational management affairs.


The management set up of Manob Kallyan Swabolombi Songstha – MKSS comprises a General Body of 29 members.  an elected Executive committee of 07 social workers and Advisory council of 02  local experts/ dignitaries and a regular staff- strength field officials. Office support staff and volunteers. At Sadullapur MKSS owns a piece of land with its office buildings thereon. For receipt and payment of funds, MKSS maintains accounts with Sonali Bank Limited. Sadullapur Branch ( post office- Sadullapur, District- Gaibandha, Bangladesh which is jointly operated by its Chairman. Secretary and Treasurer.

Monitoring and Evaluation System of MKSS: Since the success and failure of a project depend largely on systematic and efficient monitoring and evaluation of activities generally done by the implementing organization, MKSS is very dean to perform the said jobs in all eases of its program planning and implementation process. Due attention and priority are given in regard to timely monitoring and evaluation of the program performances of the project during the execution and reporting period. The tasks included under monitoring and evaluation activities are as follows.

  • The day to day performances of the concerned staff are observed, reviewed and feedback is taken at the end of each working day.
  • Day to day problems and limitations faced by all classes of staff are critically analyzed and probable solutions are given from all levels of supervisory and management staff. 
  • A monthly meeting to review the progress and problems of a program is held at the end of the 1st week of the successive month with all levels of staff where success stories are narrated and the solutions of problems are given as on regular basis.
  • Planned quarterly review meeting of a project are held timely. Progress and problems are recorded and their due solutions are given along with organizing and reorganizing program monitoring techniques.
  • A half-yearly internal evaluation study is undertaken and feedback provided to all levels of implementation and management staff including EC members of MKSS.
  • Annual evaluation of project activities is done with help of resource persons from networking NGOs and EC members of MKSS. The findings of the evaluation are shared and disseminated among all stakeholders.


Moved by inhuman conditions of the distressed and disadvantaged section of the society some like-minded social workers grouped together and established MKSS in 1990 with the avowed object of service to the distressed humanity.

Registered with Social Service with Directorate, Government Of Bangladesh vide No-276 (Rong) dated 11-08-1991, Health Reg No. O-80/96. It is also registered with NGO Affairs Bureau and the Reg No. is 1031 dated 17-04-1996.


National award for best Participation in Education in 1998 from Government of Bangladesh,100% Sanitation coverage award in 2003 from Care Bangladesh as well as achieved the summit's goal of Micro Credit Summit (Washington D.C.) 2001.