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Md. Belalur Rahman

Founder & Executive Director

"Little drops make the mighty ocean"

MKSS is poised to achieve success, much like the cumulative effect of subtle sand particles and water droplets that eventually form an ocean. With the invaluable support of donor agencies, we have expanded both our services and operational reach. Consequently, employment opportunities are on a steady rise, contributing to the widespread recognition of our organization. Committed to maintaining and enhancing our reputation, we remain resolute and unwavering in our pursuit of excellence.




In the era of globalization, the government is undertaking diverse initiatives to facilitate the transformation into a 
smart Bangladesh, with significant support from private agencies. MKSS, situated in an urban area of Gaibandha, has been 
actively engaged in poverty alleviation for 35 years. We extend our sincere appreciation and commendation to all those who
have played a role in this endeavor.



The Executive Committee: