Child Care Center

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Working Zone : Dhaka, Nilphamari, Sirajgonj and Gaibandha

Holistic Child Development: The primary objective of the Child Care Center Project is to facilitate the holistic development of children aged 4-10 years in Dhaka, Nilphamari, Sirajgonj and Gaibandha Districts. This includes physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development, ensuring they grow into well-rounded individuals.

Quality Early Childhood Education: The project aims to provide a high-quality early childhood education program that nurtures children's cognitive abilities, language skills, and readiness for formal schooling, setting a strong educational foundation.

Nutrition and Health: Ensuring the physical well-being of children is a key goal. The project focuses on providing nutritious meals, regular health check-ups, and health education to support their growth and well-being.

Safe and Supportive Environment: Creating a safe and nurturing environment for children is paramount. The project endeavors to provide a secure and supportive space where children can learn, play, and interact with their peers.

Emotional and Social Skills: The project seeks to develop emotional intelligence and social skills in children, helping them build healthy relationships, communicate effectively, and manage their emotions.

Community Involvement: Encouraging community involvement and parental engagement is essential. The project aims to create a sense of ownership and support among parents and the local community for the child care center.

Child Rights Awareness: Promoting awareness of children's rights is integral. The project seeks to empower children and their families by educating them about their rights, protection, and safety.