HCL RM Project

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Human rights

Working Zone : Gaibandha

Ensuring active participation of different stakeholders, Upzzilla and Union level Government authorities ( relevant ), UP bodies and Upzilla administration, Lawmakers, labor department representatives, teachers, community leaders, religious leaders, are in regular practice through the different forum, advocacy and campaigning for social mobilization and awareness building on hazardous child labor reduction from the northwest region of Bangladesh especially from the proposed working Upazilla Sundargonj of Gaibandha District conduction by the MKSS as a partner organization of ESDO HCLRM project might be achieved up to the mark. MKSS will works for creating awareness especially on Child Rights Promotion activities, the negative consequences of child labor, and operate different participatory methodologies for child labor reduction. MKSS will also work as key actors to make a common platform for all the stakeholders like School teacher, religious leaders, community leaders, Local Government bodies, Trade Union leaders, employers, media personal's and parents for ensuring child rights and gradual elimination of child labor for the catchments area.