Social Investment Program Project

2004 - 2009


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Working Zone : Gaibandha

SDF is the executive agency of SIPP and ESDO is the Lead NGO of SDF. MKSS, as an associate organization ESDO and with the financial assistance of World Bank, as implementing the program in Unions Faridpur, Bangram &Naldanga UPs of Sadullapur Upazilla and Sahapara Up in Sadar Upazilla of Gaibandha district. In these 4 ups survey was conducted in 60 villages (4×15) and 378 premise meetings. 318 Tea stall meetings. 198 small group meetings, 113 bigger group meetings were held and convening committees were formed. These committees formed general committees which formed village development committees- BDCs. BDCs constituted Project Management committee- PMC through which 116Kms roads (of  353 roads). 217 culverts, I school, I drain and I bazaar was constructed in those 4 unions of 2 Upazillas. Presently, this program is being carried out in 4 Ups- Badiakhali & Ghagoa Ups- of Gaibandha Sadar and Betkapa & Kishoregari Ups of Palashbari Upazilla Where 60 villages of 4 Unions (15×4) have been surveyed and selecting places premises meeting. Tea stall meeting. Small and bigger group meeting programs are being continued.