Out Of School Children 2.5 Sub Component PEDP4

2021 - 2025


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Working Zone : Gaibandha Sadar, Sadullapur, Palashbari

The Bureau of Non-Formal Education (BNFE), under the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, Government of Bangladesh, has designated Manob Kallyan Swabolombi Songstha (MKSS) as the Implementing Support Agency (ISA) for the Out of School Children Education PEDP-4 Program in Polashbari, Gaibandha Sadar, and Sadullapur in the Gaibandha District. The program is specifically designed for children aged 8-14 years.

In this system, each child tracks their own learning milestones, selecting the appropriate activity card or worksheet each day for their learning. They carry out a series of activities at their own pace, with the support of their teacher and peers. The program includes multiple exit points in the form of equivalency assessments, providing children the opportunity to enroll in the formal primary education system at different grades.

The traditional role of the teacher has transformed into that of a facilitator. The teacher sits with the children on the floor, engaging with them in a child-friendly manner.

A report by the Department of Primary Education (2016) found that the current primary school dropout rate is 19% and the never-enrolment rate is 2%. Children who drop out and never enroll are not included. It is estimated that there are 43 lakh children in the age group of 8-14 across the country who are deprived of education. Sub-component 2.5 of the Fourth Primary Education Development Program in lieu of PEDP-4 aims to provide primary education to 10 lakh uneducated children through a sound and planned education system.

Characteristics of the learning center


  • 20-30 and 8-14 year old students;
  • Single/Multiple Class Schools;
  • NCTB is taught through textbooks;
  • Accelerated Model Syllabus;
  • One teacher;
  • One classroom;
  • 7-11 member specialized CMC;
  • 3 hour classes and 6 days a week classes;


Out of School Children 2.5 Sub Component PEDP4


Working Area

Number of Centers

Number of Pupils

Gaibandha Sadar, Sadullapur , Palahbari