Out Of School Children 2.5 Sub Component PEDP4

2021 - 2024




Working Zone : Gaibandha Sadar, Sadullapur, Palashbari

MKSS , In continuation of the partnership with Bureau of Non-Formal Education (BNFE) will set up more than 210 learning centers across Gaibandha District. More than 6300 students will get stipends after their enrolment. The program, specially designed for children aged 8-14 years. In this system each child keeps a track of his/her own learning milestones and each day they choose the appropriate activity card/worksheet for their learning, carrying out a series of activities at their own pace, with the help of their teacher and peers. The multi exit points, in the form of equivalency assessments, offer children the opportunity to enroll in the formal primary education system at different grades. The typical role of the teacher has been changed into that of a facilitator. The teacher sits with the children on the floor, interacting with them in a child-friendly manner.


Out of School Children 2.5 Sub Component PEDP4


Working Area

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Gaibandha Sadar, Sadullapur , Palahbari