Vulnerable Women Benefit (VWB) Program

2024 - 2025


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Working Zone : Gaibandha, Phulchori

The VWB activities will be implemented in one districts two Upazilas. A total of 4,296 beneficiaries will be selected under the VWB program for two years. They will get 30 kgs of rice every month for two years from January 2024-25.Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) is one of the largest safety-net programs assisted by the World Food Programe (WFP). It is targeted at poor and vulnerable women in Bangladesh. The ultimate goal of the programme is to bring sustainable improvement to the lives of ultra-poor households. Government of Bangladesh, Manob Kallyan Swabolombi Songstha- MKSS Implanting VGD Program. Working Area: District: Gaibandha . Upazilas:, Phulchori.